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Over 90 percent of college students and white collar workers in China consider the Internet the most important information source, the latest survey conducted by Horizon China revealed.

The poll, which was conducted in 30 cities through online questionnaires and phone interviews in February 2015, surveyed 10,702 people including college students, white collar workers, migrant workers and senior citizens.

It found that the Internet has replaced traditional media like television and newspaper as the Chinese people’s most important information source. According to the survey, half of migrant workers and people living in townships and one-fourth of senior citizens living in urban areas get information through the Internet.

The survey found that on average, college students and white collar workers spend over six hours on the Internet and migrant workers spent about three hours online everyday while senior citizens do around 2 hours.

It also found that young people tend to link their lives to the Internet and are more willing to trust the information online. The survey showed that 13 percent of people polled, who were born after 1990, said they would like to participate in real-life activities that they learned online.

The survey also asked people about their habits when using WeChat and Weibo, two of the most popular social networking applications in China. It concluded that people like to use WeChat to share personal information on WeChat communities.On Weibo, people follow more news-related posts than personal information.