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The WCA (World Cyber Arena) Games 2015 has started with the prize money rocketing to 100 million yuan (about 16 million US dollars), the WCA Organizing Committee told Xinhua on Monday.

The whole schedule will be more than 278 days, including 20 stages, five activities and over 1,274 hours of live broadcasting. And the finals will be held in December in Yinchuan, a city in western China.

At present, the organizing committee confirmed that the games project is divided into global E-sports and China E-sports.
The global E-sports comprise "DOTA2", "Hearth Stone", "Cross Fire", "World of Tanks", "Heroes of the Storm ", and "WarcraftIII".

China E-sports are "League of Legends", "Legends of the Three Kingdoms", "Poker", "Landlords", "Mahjon" and "The blade of Heroes".

The first WCA Games kicked off in Yinchuan in October last year, more than 3,300 athletes from China, Russia, Japan, the Philippines and other 29 countries and regions had attended the game.