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The US shopping spree known as Black Friday is attracting more Chinese customers as online shopping sites try to cash in with big promotions.

Cindy Wu, who works as a part-time traveling shopping agent who buys and ships goods to China, said she went on a shopping spree Friday at well-renowned handbag shops in Phoenix, Arizona.

"Every shop here is stuffed with Chinese consumers. Some of them are students shopping for their families in China; others are daigou [purchasing agents]. Some shops are too crowded that I decided to return instead," she told the Global Times on Friday.

Another daigou who sells handbags through WeChat told the Global Times that for this year's Black Friday, more domestic consumers have approached her to buy handbags compared with the previous year.

"US cosmetics and handbags are the most popular goods on Black Friday," she told the Global Times on Friday.

Wu nevertheless said that the number of orders she received from Chinese consumers are about the same as last year. 

Retailers in and out of China are also trying to win the spendthrift Chinese customers. Amazon China, for example, has launched a 72-hour Black Friday campaign on its website, its largest since entering the Chinese market in 2005.

Domestic e-commerce retailer is offering shopping coupons in its 2017 Black Friday sales campaign, as shown on its official website.

Another domestic online retailer,, also launched a "Black Day Festival" from Friday to Monday with various discounts.

A report on on Friday said Chinese spending on Black Friday is expected to rise by about 37 percent from the same period last year.

The report also cited Phil Pomford, general manager for Asia-Pacific at Worldpay, as saying that 2017 is turning out to be "another solid year" for the shopping event. Chinese consumers spent about $3.4 billion on last year's Black Friday, according to media reports.

But Chinese spending on Black Friday has still been relatively small compared to that on Singles' Day on November 11, the largest online shopping spree designed by the country's top online retailer, Alibaba.

On this year's Single's Day, consumers from China and abroad spent 168 billion yuan ($25.5 billion), compared with 121 billion yuan in the previous year.