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The government of Tangshan, North China's Hebei Province vowed to crack down on criminal syndicates to ensure social stability and welcome the upcoming 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) with new achievements, according to the city's website.

It organized a teleconference Wednesday attended by officials from the local commission for political and legal affairs and public security bureau, aimed at cracking down on crime, including syndicates, the Tangshan government announced Thursday.

Li Yanming, chief of the Tangshan Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the CPC and also head of the Tangshan Intermediate People's Court, said at the conference that the political and legal affairs departments at all levels must strengthen political consciousness and sensitivity, and sternly crack down on crime, especially those of syndicates, using the highest standards and toughest measures to ensure social stability. 

Tangshan's teleconference was held to implement the national teleconference on cracking down on criminal syndicates held on June 15, in which Guo Shengkun, minister of public security, stressed the need to deter crimes involving mafia-like gangs, focus on cracking down on criminal syndicates in villages and firmly root out the economic foundation of those gangs, the Xinhua News Agency reported on June 15. 

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