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Chinese residents continued to express concern over nuclear fallout, even as Chinese environmental officials said North Korea's sixth nuclear test had no effect on China's environment or health.

"My friends and I are very worried about North Korea's constant nuclear tests. We are near North Korea," a resident from Yanji, Yanbian, 10 kilometers from the border between China and North Korea, told the Global Times on Thursday.

A resident surnamed Liu from East China's Shandong Province said that she refuses to eat rice from Northeast China, because the rice might be contaminated by nuclear radiation.

Another resident surnamed Shi from Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province said she has been trying to persuade her parents to move to Central China's Henan Province, where she works and is far from the North Korean border.

However, the older generation in Northeast China is less worried.

"Despite these nuclear tests, I see nothing wrong with people in North Korea. So I think we are OK," said 51-year-old Lü, adding that his generation is used to the situation.

North Korea carried out its sixth nuclear test on Sunday, with many Jilin residents saying they were rattled by the tremor created by the explosion.

China's Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has implemented an emergency plan since Sunday, which includes an inspection of the radiation levels in Northeast China.

MEP said on Wednesday that the nuclear test did not cause damage to the environment and public health.

The ministry also said it will continue its inspections and provide environmental data online.

Scientists measured the latest nuclear test was 3 to 7.8 times more powerful than the bomb the US dropped on Nagasaki, Japan in 1945.