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Moms love selflessly

In (Proud to be a host mom, August 29), the author writes that she worries about her Chinese host child just as she would her own and that "cultural differences seem to melt away, and human nature takes over." Her statement affected me tremendously.

I guess women are hardwired to be moms. I'm not saying motherhood is a must for every woman. I just think becoming a mother is a worthwhile experience for all women.

Everything changes when one becomes a mother. A friend just returned to work after maternity leave. She said she finally understands why some of her colleagues watch TV series or shop online at work after becoming mothers.

"It is because after they arrive home, they won't have any time for themselves," she said.

She understands more people and behaviors now because of her new role.

"I think you are definitely going to change when you become a mother. Everything is about your child then," she said. "You will love him and compromise everything for him, and you'll be more than willing to do so."

I agree with some of what she said because no matter what we say about motherhood, a mother's love is the greatest and most selfless love in the world.

Jasmine Guo, by e-mail

Working holiday fun awaits

Nowadays, it's trendy for young people to work overseas. Nevertheless, it is extremely essential to get the right visas when working outside one's homeland. (Deported from China, August 27)

Many countries provide various kinds of work visas for foreigners.

One very interesting one is the work and holiday visa (WHV) that is offered in New Zealand and Australia.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime visa for people between 18 and 30. It gives young people from around the world the opportunity to travel and work at the same time in New Zealand or Australia for a year.

About 5,000 WHVs from Australia and 1,000 from New Zealand are offered to Chinese.

When your visa is granted, you can go to one of the two countries and start applying for jobs such as a dishwasher, a postman, or a Chinese teacher. You can also work on a farm for free accommodations and food. Landing an office job is hard for WHV holders unless your English is extremely good.

When you have saved some money, you can travel through the country and pick up a new job on the way when the need arises.

I applied for a WHV visa for Australia. My working holiday will start in March 2018. I am looking forward to it. I wonder what job I will find.

Kelsey Mo, by e-mail

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