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A US news outlet which interviewed fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui said that Guo's statement does not represent the views of the US government in a letter sent to Hainan Airlines (HNA), the airline told the Global Times.

Guo has made several accusations against HNA, which the airlines shrugged off as "groundless."

The Voice of America (VOA) on July 30 sent a letter to the HNA, saying that VOA never said Guo or any of his statements "should be understood to represent the views of the VOA, or otherwise represent the official views of the US government," HNA said.

VOA also said that the decision to have Guo on the show should not be "understood to indicate that the VOA or any other part of the US government has endorsed those statements," HNA said.

VOA suspended the interview team in April, HNA said.

The letter, signed by VOA director Amanda Bennett, was first posted by the Twitter account "The truth of Guo Wengui" on Tuesday.

HNA told the Global Times that Guo's accusations against Hainan Airlines in the VOA interview on April 19 was groundless and fake, which has damaged the reputation of Hainan Airlines and has caused financial losses to the airline.

Guo fled China in 2014 and now lives in New York. The Interpol has issued a red notice for Guo.