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Police in Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province detained a pregnant teen who they say broke into a home and was discovered hiding under the bed in her underwear.

The 16-year-old, surnamed Lei, has been taken into custody, media reported Thursday.

Media reported that the resident, surnamed Wang, called police around 10 am Monday after a building janitor found signs of a break-in.

Police forced their way into the bedroom and quickly discovered Lei, who they say had crawled into the bed frame.

"We lifted the bed board and saw a woman lying in there in her underwear," a Yanta district officer said. "Most surprising to us was she was six-months' pregnant."

Lei entered Wang's apartment through a locked window to "charge her phone." She claimed she became trapped and broke the front door lock trying to get out.

Lei later fell asleep on the bed, and then crawled under the bed board when she heard someone, she told police. 

Lei was charged with burglary and is facing punishment. 

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