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#China bans required summer classes# views: 810k

Education authorities are banning schools from assigning summer classes that charge students to attend.

According to a Ministry of Education (MOE) regulation, primary and secondary schools in China are not allowed to assign compulsory courses over the summer holiday that charge extra fees.

Other academic institutions, including cram schools, will also be under close scrutiny, read the regulation on the 2017 summer holiday.

The ban aims to give students a chance to engage in extracurricular social activities instead, the regulation said.

#Gamers make play for mahjong to be Olympic sport# views: 574k

The traditional Chinese game of mahjong could be the newest addition to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) has applied to the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to list the game as a demonstration event in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, according to Chen Zelan, IMSA president.

Mahjong is one of a list of indoor "mind sports" proposed by the association to be included in the 2022 Games.

The tile game, often accompanied by gambling, was recognized as a mind sport by the IMSA in April.

#Bogus ad lures job-seeking grad to death# views: 31.6m

A university student who responded to a fake job listing online was found dead.

Li Wenxing, who recently graduated from Northeastern University, reportedly had answered an ad for a tech company on job listing site Zhipin.

He was later found dead in a pond in the port city of Tianjin on July 14.

Police said the job ad had been posted by an organization known to conduct pyramid schemes.

Zhipin is participating in the investigation, a company spokesman said.

#Boy chooses Wi-Fi over grandma# views: 57.3m

A nine-year-old boy in Southwest China's Chongqing has gone viral on his beloved Internet after he refused to spend the summer vacation at his grandma's because she didn't have Wi-Fi, local media reported.

The boy, identified as Tuantuan, reportedly was adamant about his decision to deny his dear grandmother his presence because the 67-year-old had made the grave mistake of not installing Internet at her home.

"It's so boring for me there," the boy told reporters.

The whole exchange has left the matriarch, surnamed He, at a loss as to why her ungrateful grandson passed up such an opportunity.

"I can make delicious food for him and be his company," said He, "and that still can't beat cellphones and the Internet."