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When my daughter reads, I see her vivid facial expressions and feel her enthusiasm. It seems that she becomes the protagonist of the book or movie she is enacting. The exotic expressions make her look like a foreign girl with a Chinese face.

I enjoy my daughter's English pronunciation. When she is reading, I always sit and listen to her silently. I feel her English level is already advanced, and this makes me proud.

One day, my daughter asked me to join her in reading English aloud. At first I was ashamed to speak because my oral English was poor. But she insisted.

My pronunciation is bad, not only because it is mixed with my hometown accent but also due to the grammar mistakes. So I tried my best to move my tongue and read very slowly - the embarrassing and awkward situation made  her laugh. Sometimes she laughed so hard she cried. This is the most relaxed and happiest time for both of us.

Thus, reading English has become the happiest activity in my family.

Through reading English together, we have become much closer, and we have become good friends.

When my daughter feels sad or feels pressure from her studies, I ask her to listen to my awkward English reading skills in order to make her happy.

Unconsciously, reading has become a motivation for me to come back early after work. Reading with her is the best way to reduce my work stress as well. 

I never thought I would become so into reading English. When I was a student, English was my weakness. Then, in my career life, speaking English is no longer required in my daily work.

Now, as a 12-year-old girl's father, I realized the importance of reading English. I gradually abandoned my self-abasement and started to open my mouth.

I believe I'm making progress in accordance with my daughter. I believe my progress can encourage her.

I really enjoy this sort of exchange, and I hope both my daughter and I can keep this passion for reading English. That way she will continue to excel, and that will only bring me more happiness and satisfaction.

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