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World Go champion Ke Jie called fellow player Wang Haoyang "the hope of humanity" following his victory over an AI Go program on Wednesday.

Wang, the 29-year-old Chinese player, defeated Japan's DeepZenGo in the opening rounds of the Milly Cup World Open Go championship in Beijing, China Youth Daily reported on Thursday.

DeepZenGo's development team blamed "bugs" in the program that allowed for its defeat.

Wang said he had lost to DeepZenGo two times before online.

In March, DeepZenGo lost to Mi Yuting as the program could not determine if it was winning or losing and began randomly playing pieces.

After the match, Ke told Wang "you are the hope of humanity."

DeepZenGo has proved to be less successful than the established AI champ, Google's AlphaGo. In May, AlphaGo completed a 3-0 clean sweep over China's Ke Jie, the then top-ranked Go player in the world.

The ancient game of Go, known as weiqi in China, involves two players who take turns putting white and black stones on a grid of 19 lines by 19 lines. Victory over an opponent involves gaining more territory on the grid.

China Youth Daily