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I am a mother of a 23-month-old daughter. Like every mom out there, I always try to give my little girl the best I can provide. The most expensive thing was a child-safety seat.

Nowadays, parents go out of their way to protect their children. However, many people overlook the daily safety of their children. For example, the use of car seats as a protective measure. Statistics show that the use of a car seat will decrease the danger to children during a car-crash by 70 percent. I hope this article is a reminder to all the families with children to be more aware of child-safety. Here are instructions on car seats use:

1. Use a car seat from the first ride back home with your baby from the hospital. Use it every time your child travels in a car, no matter how short the distance is. If your child is unwilling to sit in it, you can start with short distances.

2. You can bring some snacks or his/her favorite toys during the ride to make him/her associate the ride with pleasant things.

3. If the child cries during the ride, stop in a safe place and comfort him/her. Let him/her rest for a while before getting back on the road.

4. Try not to leave the child alone in the back seat when the child is small, he/she may feel lonely and insecure. When the child is grown, you can use a rear-mirror so that the child can see the driver's face.

5. Every car seat has an expiration date. Replace it before it expires. If you get into a car accident, you'd better replace it with a new one.

6. There are age and weight restrictions set by the car seat manufacturer. You should always install the seat backwards because the neck of a small child is very fragile. Backwards installment will decrease the pressure on the neck significantly during a crash.

9. Never put a child's car seat in the front seat. Never let children under 14 sit in the front seat. When a child reaches the maximum weight of a car seat, replace it with an age and weight appropriate one.

Child-safety comes before everything. It's the duty of parents to keep up with the latest information and provide a safe environment for their children. Continue learning new things every day. Being an informed parent and person not only benefits yourself and people around you, but also sets you up as a good role-model for your little one.

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