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Illustration: Luo Xuan/GT

Illustration: Luo Xuan/GT

It is Valentine's Day, and many of you must be thinking whether the guy you are dating is "the one."

Well, Chinese women seem to have identified the signs that you may have found "Mr Right."

According to a post titled "Mr Left and Mr Right" that went viral on China's social media platform WeChat recently, here are some differences between Mr Left and Mr Right.

For example, here are their differences in reaction to you working overtime.

Mr Left: "I know you are busy, but don't forget to eat."

Mr Right: "I've ordered you takeout food. Eat it when you have time."

Their different reactions when you leave for a business trip:

Mr Left: "Take good care of yourself."

Mr Right: "I have written down your flight number and hotel address. Don't forget to send me a photo of the license number of the taxi."

How they react when it is cold outside:

Mr Left: "Drink some hot water."

Mr Right: "Let's go and get you some warmer clothes."

Now, do you get it?

The post suggests you should date Mr Left but marry Mr Right.

Why, you might ask? Mr Left is a talker, while Mr Right is a doer.

That actually makes sense in China. As you might know, Chinese men do not often say, "I love you." They believe actions speak louder than words.

Therefore, women have to rely on their actions to see how much he cares about her.

Following the post, many women asked for advice on how to turn Mr Left into Mr Right, and the responses from men were hilarious.

One said, "You were lucky enough to find a Mr Left, so don't expect anything more."

You know what? He is right. Women sometimes expect too much. Those unrealistic expectations ruin our relationships.

I understand why many Chinese women prefer the loving and caring Mr Right. Women are attracted to the strength in men. They prefer a strong partner who can take care of them.

Look around the street next time you are out.

Have you ever seen a guy who carries his girlfriend's or wife's handbag? Yeah, that's a thing in China. It shows how much he loves her by helping and spoiling her.

As an old Chinese saying goes, "carrots and cabbages, everyone has his/her own preference."

I actually prefer Mr Left. The reason is simple. When Mr Right solves all your problems, he becomes your problem.

Perhaps one of the most important roles a boyfriend can play is a cheerleader rather than a helper.

Maybe some Chinese men have a problem saying "I love you," but there are things we all want to hear more than those three words. For example, "You can do it;" "You have my support;" and "Well done! I am so proud of you."

We cannot expect our boyfriend or husband to help us solve all of our problems all the time.

Sometimes we admire them so much that we forget they are also human beings, not Superman.

Yes, maybe Mr Left cannot erase our insecurities, and maybe he cannot help you every time you need him, but that doesn't matter. Instead of giving you fish, he teaches you how to fish. His encouragement and love raises your confidence and guides you to overcome problems by yourself.

You eventually become a better and stronger person.

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