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Austrians have donated a record 625 million euros (668 million US dollars) in 2016, ORF or Austrian Broadcasting Corporation on Friday quoted a survey as saying.

The survey, conducted by research institute "Market," said the total was 25 million euros higher than in 2015, with the increase most notably due to more private donations, which totalled 463 million euros.

Of the 1,017 survey respondents, 88 percent said they had donated during the year.

The largest proportion of donations were made for the aid of children, with 43 percent of respondents claiming to have donated in this regard, it said.

A further 26 percent said they donated money toward alleviating domestic catastrophes, followed by animal aid (25 percent), aid for persons with a disability or social disadvantage (20 percent each), and asylum seekers and refugees (16 percent), it said.

Some 63 percent of respondents said they pay close attention to how the money is being spent. Only 12 percent however said they feel an immediate urge to donate to causes, and 30 percent said they feel bothered by appeals to donate.