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A man in South China is accusing a cookie maker of false advertising over its claims that they bring you good luck.

The unsatisfied customer, surnamed Xie of Nanning, is seeking 500 yuan ($75) from snack company Wangwang for marketing Snow Biscuits with the advertising slogan "a Wangwang biscuit a day brings good luck."

In the open letter addressed to relevant government officials Friday, which has since gone viral, Xie argued he bought a package of snow biscuits on September 11 and despite eating the cookies has yet to receive any luck promised in the ad campaign.

"The slogan is fraudulent, superstitious and without scientific basis, which violates the country's laws and regulations on food safety and advertising," reads the letter.

Many on social media have expressed support for Xie and called on the government to better regulate ads that include exaggerated claims.

"This is awesome and it must be done even if most are not willing to," "Macundaniluo" posted on

"It's really sad that people just accept these crooked claims," wrote "shimingdeluren."

However, others felt the compensation claim is flagrant and totally baseless.

"Nowadays, there are crazy people everywhere, no sensible person would ever believe something like that," said Sina Weibo user "Wuer."