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Doctors in Hubei Province, Central China turned exterminators after they removed a cockroach from a teen's ear after she sought treatment for an earache.

The 17-year-old Xiao Yang of Wuhan said she woke up during the night to scratching sounds that seemed to be coming from inside her ear.

Horror struck when Yang realized something was moving inside her ear canal, causing her great pain, media reported Sunday.

Doctors at Central Hospital of Wuhan (CHW) were similarly shocked to discover a small cockroach living in her ear.

Wang Xinglong, a doctor at CHW said they first anaesthetized the 1-centimeter-long insect before removing it so it wouldn't cause damage.

Cockroaches have tiny barbs on their claws, which can injure the ear canal and puncture the ear drum, said Yuan Kun, director of CHW's ear-nose-throat department.

Yuan advises never using a flashlight to check for cockroaches in ears as that can potentially scare them to move further into the ear canal.

Wuhan Evening News