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After three months' Kungfu training, 20 African students graduated on Friday from Shaolin Temple, one of the cradles of Chinese Kungfu in central China, to become the disseminators of Chinese culture.

Madagascan Faitihaires, 21, a sophomore from Confucius Institute in Madagascar, not only learns Kungfu but also can do traditional Chinese massage.

"If my brother have a fever, I can do Chinese massage for him, and it is really amazing," Faitihaires said in Chinese.

"I will continue learning Chinese and encourage other people to learn Shaolin Kungfu," Faitihaires added.

The 20 students are from five countries: Mauritius, Madagascar, Comorin, the Republic of Congo and Guinea.

Ministry of culture of China started the Shaolin Kungfu training plan in 2013, and the class with 20 students is held once a year.

"They have lived in Shaolin Temple for 3 months and learned real Shaolin Kungfu, Chinese culture and medicine," said Shi Yongxin, the abbot of Shaolin Temple. "About 100 students went back to run martial arts school in more than 10 countries in Africa."

The 1,500-year-old Shaolin Temple is located at Songshan Mountain in central China's Henan Province.