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Police in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou have busted a ring making and selling drugs mixed with coffee and milk tea, capturing nine suspects and 11.9 kilograms of narcotics, Guangzhou Daily reported.

Following clues related to another anti-drug case, local police started to investigate a suspected drug user surnamed Peng, who had no stable job but often visited entertainment venues.

Plainclothes police found the 37-year-old stealthily selling packaged coffee and milk tea to people at nightclubs and near his dwelling, at prices of 200-300 yuan ($30-45) per bag.

Further investigation showed Peng colluded with other suspects to buy Ketamine, ecstasy and other types of drugs from other areas, mixed them with coffee and tea at a rented facility, and then repackaged them for sale.

He also hired several drug addicts, mostly young women without jobs, to help smuggle and tout his products at entertainment venues.