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You don't often hear Chinese women talk about the benefits of turning 30, because many of them believe youth ends at 30.

In my opinion, 30 is the new young. When I was in my 20s, I wished that I could skip my 20s and jump to my 30s. That might sound weird. I know. Who doesn't want to be young?

However, according to research by insurer Aviva, 35 is the best age, and real happiness begins at age 33 because at that age you have a certain amount of stability.

Like many 20-somethings, I had my whole life ahead of me but did not know how to plan it.

I thought my life would get better in my 30s. I was both right and wrong.

I was right because things got smoother and better. At 30, my life is full of opportunities. I have a stable job, and I am financially independent.

I have let go of insecurities I had when I was younger. I started caring more about my body, working out and eating healthy food. I am a better person.

Honestly speaking, I barely noticed turning 30.

But I noticed some small changes.

For instance, now, when I talk to younger people, I start my sentence with "when I was your age," and my WeChat friends are all talking about and sharing photos of their babies rather than parties.

I was wrong because as a 30-something woman in China, even though I believe age is just a number and still feel young inside, people around me keep telling me I am too old to do many things.

My male Chinese friends think I am too old to date. My mother worries I am too old to have babies. My father thinks I am too old to move from one country to another. My headhunter thinks I am too old to change my career path, and my co-workers think I am too old to go back to school to study.

One very important thing that I've learned in my 30s is to block out the unwanted noise. I've stopped caring about what society thinks is acceptable for me to do in my 30s.

I am very glad that nowadays many Chinese women in their 30s have started writing good things about it.

So, whenever a 30-something woman asks me if she should try something new, I always answer her, "You go, girl!"

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